Tips for Repurposing Old Dance Clothes

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Having someone in your family who’s passionate about music and dance can go a long way. Maybe they have performed in dance shows or performed for sports events. However, some things change as they get older and want to try new things. Whether your child decided to pursue another athletic venture or grew out of their dance uniform, you’re eventually left with an unused item of dance clothing.

So, what can you do with the leftover piece of clothing? There are a few tips for repurposing old dance clothes you can try out. From creating entirely new articles of clothing or donating to dance academies, old dance outfits can serve multiple purposes.

Modify the Garment

One of the unique tips for repurposing old dance clothes is modifying them for future uses. Perhaps your child’s outfit was only used once and now sits in the back of their closet. You can change an old dancer’s outfit by making it into a fun play costume. If they own a dancer’s leotard, you can sew on different fabrics to create unique dress-up ideas, such as a bird or princess.

Additionally, if any of their dance competitions required them to wear the same dance uniform multiple times, you can add embellishments like sequins and other glittery accessories. That way, you don’t have to exceed your budget by buying a brand-new outfit.

Create Something Entirely New

It’s nothing new when someone transforms an old piece of clothing into something brand new. Put your artistic skills to the test and create something completely different by turning a dance leotard into a carry-along tote bag. You get to preserve their experiences in dance and can use the tote to carry around extra supplies.

If bags aren’t your thing, perhaps you can create hair accessories like scrunchies or hair ribbons. Additionally, you can take old dance tights and make fairy wings for your little one for dress-up time. It’s a great way to give old dance outfits a new purpose.

Donate It To a Dance Academy

Perhaps your children no longer wish to pursue dance as a hobby and want to move on to something else. So, their uniforms sit in the back of the dressers, collecting dust. Luckily, you can donate the dance uniforms to different donation facilities or dance academies. You can even drop off the uniforms at costume shops to donate to kids in need.

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