‘Tis the season to give with GreenDrop

At GreenDrop our call agents work hard to generate and collect donations for our partner charities, the National Federation of the Blind, The Military Order of the Purple Heart and the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Philadelphia. But our employee’s don’t stop giving there. We are proud to have such a generous team at GreenDrop.

In a previous blog we mentioned tips on how to give back to veterans during the holidays. But those tips can be used to support any organization year round. Check below to see how a team of our call agents in Maryland came together in the spirit of giving and helped a local organization.

Like many offices, our call center used to organize a secret Santa gift exchange. That was until two years ago when the team came together and decided to look beyond themselves and give to a bigger cause.

As a group the call agents decided on a local charity, this year they chose the SPCA of Anne Arundel County. Maggie Lange coordinated the drive with Rita Melvin the SPCA of Anne Arundel County, Inc. Development and Programs Manager who sent over a wish list of items that the organization needed. From there team started collecting the items. Unlike the secret Santa exchange there was no limit to how much someone could spend.

Once again the drive turned out to be a huge success. The GreenDrop team met with Rita on December 23rd and delivered the donations.

If you’re in the area be sure to keep a look out for the SPCA’s photo shoots featuring the GreenDrop donations and read about it in the newsletter!