Useful Items You Never Thought To Donate To Charity

We all know that charitable donations don’t have to just be monetary in nature. While getting that cold, hard cash is always useful to any charitable organization, very few of us can afford to make large donations in cash frequently. Clothes are another huge section of donatable items that are very much in need, but many people already know they can donate clothes whenever they want. In this article, we want to focus a little more on the items that don’t get donated as often. These items may seem small or innocuous at first glance, but they can go on to really help someone in need. Here a few useful items you never thought to donate to charity that might make it into your next round of donations.


The vast majority of people tend to hang onto their kitchenware as if it was a part of themselves. Sure, getting new kitchenware isn’t always the most exciting purchase, but it needs to be done every now and then. Old kitchenware, as long as it is still in usable condition, are fantastic items to donate because of how rarely they get donated and how useful they are. Living on a very low income makes it difficult to buy nice cookware and kitchenware, severely limiting the options of those in need.


As one of the most requested items in homeless shelters around the world, you would think that underwear wouldn’t be so hard to come by. The trick to this is that the underwear must be brand-new and in its packaging in order to be used. Nobody wants to wear your old underwear no matter how much they may need them. Keep an eye out for sales on packs of underwear, packs of socks, and bras, as these items are desperately needed in most places and you can get them for a steal if you look in the right places.

Musical Instruments

When you first think about this you may wonder how musical instruments can help somebody in need. If you think about it, though, what is a great way to keep children engaged in school and give them something to focus on? If you have old musical instruments that still work, there are a number of charities that will accept them, refurbish them back to their former glory, and place them in a school’s musical program. Instruments can be a large cash drain on schools in lower-income areas, so this can be a huge help to them as well.

Dental Hygiene Products

Some useful items you might never have thought to donate to charity before are products that have anything to do with your dental hygiene. These kinds of products, such as toothpaste, brushes, dental floss, and mouthwash can sometimes seem like luxury products based on how much we spend on them. In today’s world, however, dental hygiene is a must, especially for someone who may need a job or is trying to get a home. If you can pick up a few extra tubes of toothpaste or a pack of sturdy toothbrushes, you might be surprised to find out how much those items can really help someone out.

Feminine Hygiene Products

An injustice we still face to this day is the commoditization of feminine hygiene products. These are products that women need and yet can cost a lot of money that some people can’t afford to lose. Because this is often an unavoidable cost for families with lower income, being able to get them from donation centers can really ease this burden a lot. Next time you’re at the store, consider picking up a few extras of these products to help out some women in need.


Whether your charity of choice sends these books overseas to those less fortunate, to prison inmates, or to children in your local schools, it’s always beneficial to donate used books once you’re done with them. Even just wanting to pass on a good story is reason enough to donate books. For the avid readers with more books than they know what to do with out there, donating these treasures may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The books are still being used, and you don’t have to figure out where to store new ones!


Donating a bicycle is a great way to give back to someone in need. Again, the key factor here is that the bike needs to be in solid, working condition, or it won’t do anyone any good. Bicycles are used to help in multiple ways. Donating bikes for children allows them a new avenue for getting to school and is good for keeping them fit. Donating bikes for adults can give someone without a car a better way to get to and from work, the grocery store, or anywhere else they may need to go.


Reading glasses or prescription lenses make wonderful donations as well. You may not have ever thought to donate these, especially if they’re in your prescription specifically. However, even specific prescription glasses and sunglasses can benefit someone in need. Many charities offer these glasses to developing countries to better help their own population. The next time you get new frames, think about handing over your old ones to someone who could really find a use for them.

Those of us here at GreenDrop are passionate about charitable giving in all its forms. It’s why we do what we do every day. If you need a place to drop off your things, for example, some clothes donations in Centerville, VA, GreenDrop will be there to take them off your hands and get them to where they can be used for the most good.

Useful Items You Never Thought To Donate To Charity