Want To Donate Baby Clothes? Read This First

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When your baby grows up, you get to witness their personalities shine through and see their lives change. That means that they leave behind their baby clothing and toys that used to be their favorites. It can feel sad seeing them physically and mentally outgrow things they used to love deeply, but it means those toys and clothes can start a new chapter somewhere else.

As a result, you decide to donate their old clothes to a better cause. So, what are the requirements needed for clothing donation? Here are some tips for how to donate old baby clothes so they can help another family in need.

Baby Clothes Requirements

The first thing you should know about how to donate old baby clothes is that there are specific requirements to meet. The clothing must be high quality and clean. Otherwise, they could get another person sick, or they’ll get recycled by the donation centers. Additionally, make sure the baby clothes you’re giving away don’t have any inappropriate language or imagery on them. Look through each clothing piece and see if they fit the requirements.

Cleanliness and Quality

As you examine each piece of clothing, make sure they remain in good shape. Look out for stains, rips and tears, discoloration, and faded graphics. If the baby clothing you’re planning to donate has these flaws, it will not be saleable to those in need.

Cleanliness and quality matter because of liability and reassurance to consumers. The concept of getting someone ill due to improper clothing cleanliness can fall on the donation center, causing further issues.

Types of Baby Clothing

There are plenty of baby clothing items that work well for donations such as the following:

  • Newborn Onesies
  • Winter Wear and Accessories
  • Baby Pajamas
  • Undergarments, Socks, and Hats
  • Shoes, Sneakers, and Sandals

Check your local donation facility and see what baby clothing items they need most. If you have any of what they need, contribute as much as you can from there.

Scheduling Donation Time

Depending on the location, you can schedule a donation pick-up or drop-off time that fits into your daily routine. You can even drop off goods at the last minute if the facility accepts them. It depends on how donation facilities run their businesses and the steps they need to take to receive the donated goods.

Donating baby clothes help families in need for years to come. If you have clothes to donate in Wilmington, DE, visit GreenDrop at www.gogreendrop.com. We’ll help you schedule a drop-off or pick-up time that fits conveniently into your schedule. We’ll gladly take your donated baby clothes to give it a second chapter for another family.

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