Ways To Get Rid of Unwanted CDs

There are plenty of things that we overlook day-to-day that take up more room than we would like. Some of these things are easy to dispose of or eventually use. However, when it comes to something like a CD, it’s a little harder to know what to do. Technically, it’s a piece of technology, so just tossing it in the garbage feels strange. We’ve come up with a few ways to dispose of unwanted CDs so that they don’t keep piling up on you.

Sell Them Online

Yes, it may sound strange, but there are a number of websites that will buy your used CDs for various reasons. Before you go this route, it might be worth it to erase the contents of the CD before shipping them off if there’s anything on there that you don’t want someone else to see.

Recycle Them Properly

CDs are recyclable, and if you want to refrain from adding to the growing environmental problems we face, recycling them is one of the best ways to get rid of them. The CD Recycling Center of America takes old CDs and recycles the polycarbonate in them responsibly.

Donate Them

CDs that you no longer want could be a gem of a find for someone else. Donating to secondhand stores and thrift shops is a great way to get rid of the old CDs and give them a new life somewhere else. When you give your CDs to GreenDrop, we sell them to thrift stores and pay a portion of the proceeds to great American charities such as the American Red Cross.

Sell Them To Your Local Record Store

Obviously, not every CD is going to be a lost treasure that a record store would want. However, don’t discount this option until you investigate it. You may be surprised at the number of CDs you can give to a record store.

Use Them in Crafts

If you’re a crafty type of person, CDs make excellent building materials. Not only are they lightweight and quite strong, but they are also perfect circles. This makes them great for tracing and building crafts that look nice and neat.

These ways to get rid of unwanted CDs should help you out next time you find another stack of them tucked away somewhere. GreenDrop is always happy to take your unwanted items off your hands so that we can make meaningful donations to the causes we believe in.