Ways To Support Veterans Struggling With Homelessness

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For all the talk of supporting our military veterans that one might hear, a disproportionally large number of vets struggle far more than they should. Homelessness is a widespread problem among a lot of veterans for a variety of reasons, none of which justify the issue. It’s so important that we remember the service these veterans performed for us while in the military and that we take care of them once they return to civilian life. Here are a few ways to support veterans struggling with homelessness that can enact real change in these people’s lives.

Challenge Your Thoughts

There is an unfortunate and harmful stigma that those without homes must endure on a daily basis. Many people are under the false pretense that people who struggle with homelessness are simply “lazy” or “should work harder.” Especially for veterans who struggle with homelessness, this idea is incredibly harmful and makes it more difficult to get out of that situation. If you find yourself having thoughts like these, we urge you to reexamine them and attempt to better understand the reality that these people go through.

Raise up Their Voices

While there are a number of communities and organizations that fight on behalf of veterans, those voices could always be louder. If civilians do not try and amplify the issues that veterans face, the voices of those struggling with homelessness could get drowned out and ignored. Contacting your local government and raising awareness of these issues is a great way to support veterans who struggle with homelessness. Reaching out to others who may not be aware of these issues can also help gather more support.

Choose Veterans To Hire

If you run a business of your own or are in a position to hire people for other roles, strongly consider hiring a veteran. Finding a job or starting a career is exponentially more difficult when you don’t have a home. Hiring a veteran can do so much to put them on a path to a better life. Even if that veteran is currently without a home, you should still consider them for the job, as that could be the starting point that they need to find a stable residence.

Donate What They Need

The problem of veteran homelessness isn’t one that we can fix overnight. While many people tackle the issue from different angles, it’s important that we support veterans in the present moment as well. Donations of clothing, food, and other essentials can help a lot in the short term. Even if you lack the time to support these veterans in a more active way, your donations can help make their lives easier while they work to get back on their feet.

If you’d like to do something that can help veterans today, consider a used clothing donation in Saratoga, VA, with GreenDrop. Your donation will be converted into funding for charities who provide resources and support for veterans. GreenDrop has a long history of supporting charities who serve veterans, and we plan on continuing that support for a long time.

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