What Is the National Federation of the Blind?

At GreenDrop, we support four different charitable organizations: The Military Order Purple Heart, the American Red Cross, the Society of Vincent de Paul, and the National Federation of the Blind. We monetize your clothing and item donations for these organizations so they can continue to do excellent work for the community.

When you donate with GreenDrop, we’ll ask you what charity you’d like to donate to. If you’re wondering what is the National Federation of the Blind, we put together a short little guide explaining their history and what they do as an organization. Check it out!

History of the NFB

Found on November 16, 1940, the National Federation of the Blind began its journey in Pennsylvania. There had been the need for a national organization for blind people across the country, and so the federation came to fruition. Blind people from seven states—Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, California, Missouri, and Ohio—attended the first meeting. During said meeting, they drafted a constitution for the first-ever national organization of the blind.

There are a few different principles they discussed in this meeting, which they believed the organization should constantly uphold and strive for. The principles are as follows:

  • Blind people have an inalienable right to independence
  • They have an equal capacity
  • Only blind people can truly speak for the blind community

Members elect officers at the national, state, and local level to ensure the group upholds these principles. By doing so, they can empower and improve the lives of blind people across the country.

What They Do

Since the federation relies on the support of one another, they created quite a network of blind members. With these members, they coordinate various services, programs, and resources to build a community, to defend their rights, and to provide information and support. They support a wide range of people—those who are blind, those who are losing their vision, parents of blind children, blind parents, seniors, educators, students, and employers.

They support several programs and services as well. We listed a few of them below:

  • White Cane Program
  • Center of Excellence in Nonvisual Access
  • Scholarships & Awards
  • Braille Certification
  • Blind Parent Mentoring
  • NFB Bell Academy
  • National Center for Blind Youth in Science

See their Program & Services page for more information!

This federation helps so many people every day and is one of the only organizations to do so. The next time you utilize our donation drop off or donation pick up services, choose to help the National Federation of the Blind—you’ll make a difference in a lot of lives.