What kitchen appliances are OK to donate?

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Do you know what to do with a kitchen appliance when it’s time to upgrade or do a clear out? You can donate them to a great cause. While you can’t donate everything you find in your kitchen, let’s go over what kitchen appliances are okay to donate.

Small appliances

You will likely replace smaller kitchen appliances more often than a refrigerator or oven. Toasters, air fryers, blenders—these small appliances can be super handy to others. Your fancy new blender might make smoothies in the blink of an eye, but that doesn’t mean your old one can’t be used by someone else.


It’s best practice to give your microwave a good deep clean before donating, thank you. Drop-off at a GreenDrop® location nearest you.

Coffee makers

When it comes time to upgrade to something new, your old coffee maker can still give someone else that caffeine jolt that they need to tackle the day head on.

Slow cookers

It’s fairly common for many people to get slow cookers as hand-me-downs. If you already have one or just enjoy the process of cooking the standard way, donating a slow cooker can give someone else a chance to make easy meals. Someone who works all day could benefit immensely from setting their dinner up early and coming home to it being ready to go.

What you shouldn’t donate

Of all the kitchen appliances that are okay to donate, there are a few things you shouldn’t donate. Anything that is fully or partially broken won’t make for a useful donation. Stick to intact appliances when donating items.

GreenDrop®’s Springfield donation center is the perfect place to drop off these kinds of donations and others. We hope to see you here soon!

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