What You Can Do To Help Support Your Local Schools

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Whether you have children or not, you start to understand the value of education as you get older. We may not have loved certain parts of school while we went through it, but there’s no denying how important it is for developing minds. Unfortunately, not every school has funding and access to the support they need for success. Schools often need to lean on community members to help them out. Here’s what you can do to help support your local schools to make an impact.

Donate School Supplies

Even in more affluent neighborhoods, schools don’t always have all the supplies they need to function fully. It’s an unfortunate reality to deal with, but we can help by donating things that schools need. The school supplies in need vary based on the grades they teach, but there are some similarities between them. Consider some of these useful items to donate:

  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Folders and binders
  • Hygiene products
  • Cold weather clothing

Become a Mentor

Schools stretch themselves thin already, and not every child can get the attention or guidance they need to succeed. You can help supplement the school’s attention by becoming a mentor or tutor. Children need people to look up to, especially if they don’t have role models in their immediate families. Mentoring teenagers can help steer them in the right direction for their futures, both personally and professionally.

Volunteer at a Career Fair

Schools need volunteers for all kinds of events, but one that is simple to get involved with is the career fair. If you have a job that you know someone younger might have an interest in, volunteer yourself to talk about that job to the students. You’ll likely have to answer some questions about your career, which can help a child understand what to expect in the future.

Participate in School Fundraisers

Fundraisers happen for many reasons in most schools; usually, they support a specific club or program. Many of these clubs and programs can’t function without outside donations. If you want a way to help your local schools, consider volunteering at their larger fundraisers. If that’s not an option for whatever reason, you can still donate to the cause to help as much as possible.

Our local communities are important to us here at GreenDrop, which is why we want to do everything we can to support them. If you have school supplies or clothing donations in Wilmington, DE, GreenDrop will make sure they get put to good use in your local community.


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