When You Should Get Rid of Clothes

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Spring cleaning is quite the process. Sometimes, the best way to get into the cleaning mood is by starting with ridding the home’s clutter. Start small; head to the closets and see what clutter you can rid from your wardrobe. That said, getting rid of clothes is often easier said than done. You may deep down know that your closet needs to be purged, but you still come up with “valid” reasons why you should keep every piece. To help you on the road to closet purging success, take a look at our quick guide to when you should get rid of clothes.

You No Longer Love It

If you look at a clothing item and you aren’t excited about it, then it’s probably time to get rid of it. Now, this may not pertain to standard items such as undershirts and the like, but special pieces, such as sweaters, dresses, and jeans, should bring about a bit of love. If you don’t like how it looks on you, or if you wouldn’t wear it tomorrow, then it’s time to donate.

It Hasn’t Fit in Over a Year

Another big reason a lot of people hold on to clothes is because, even though it doesn’t fit them at the moment, they hope they’ll fit into it again soon. However, holding on to items (clothing or not) just because you may need it later on is not a good reason to take up space. If the item hasn’t fit in over a year, then it’s time to donate the piece. You can always purchase a new version if necessary.

You Haven’t Worn It in Over a Year

Similarly, if you haven’t worn an item in over a year, it’s time to donate it. Many people hold onto items because they’re just not sure whether they’ll wear it again. This rule is a good standard for donating something. If you live in a four-season climate and you haven’t worn it in a year, then it’s no longer fit for your closet. This can also act as the last resort if you really can’t decide on what to do with an item.

It’s Part of a Trend that’s Passed

If you bought something trendy that you can’t really incorporate into your outfits going forward, it’s time to get rid of it. It’s simple—get rid of the clothes you’re not wearing. There’s no point in storing it for later.

The Piece is Uncomfortable

This is an obvious one—if an item is uncomfortable, then it’s time to rid it from your closet. Whether it’s itchy, too tight, too loose, or irritates your skin, then you need to get rid of it. There’s no point in suffering for fashion. Everything in your closet should fit well, be worn regularly, and be comfortable—if it’s not, it should go.

If you’re overwhelmed when you look at your closet, follow our guide on when to get rid of clothes. Make sure that, once you’ve gone through the sorting process, you turn to GreenDrop. We’ll take your clothing donations in Camp Springs, MD, and make sure someone else gets good use from it. Don’t throw away the clothes in the trash; follow sustainability practices and donate your textiles to GreenDrop. It’ll help out so many people in the long run!

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