Where To Donate Halloween Costumes

With the spookiest time of the year upon us, it’s time to bring out the Halloween decorations. It’s also time to think about Halloween costumes, and we’re not just talking about what you’re going to wear this year. Dressing up for Halloween may be great fun, but it sure does leave a lot of clothes lying around that only have a once-a-year use. We’re going to examine where to donate Halloween costumes, so you don’t have to hang on to every single one for years to come.

Friends & Family

The first thing you should think of when deciding what to do with your old costumes is to reach out to your closest friends and family. This is especially useful for children’s costumes since they will often grow out of them by next year’s Halloween anyway. You could even make a tradition of passing down a specific costume to the youngest in the family every year.

Social Media

Whatever your social media of choice may be, you’ll probably be surprised to find people are looking for very specific costumes. This can work to your benefit if you want to find someone to give away a few costumes to who will actually use them. Be sure the costumes are in good condition before you do this—not many people are looking for a fixer-upper close to Halloween.


Yes, we do accept Halloween costumes! In fact, you can make a world of difference for someone in need just by donating your old costumes to GreenDrop. Not only does your donation directly benefit our charity partners monetarily, but your costumes are also donated to secondhand stores where they’ll be sold for much less than they would at a retail store. Remember that the costumes should be in good condition before you donate them.

Where should you donate Halloween costumes? The choice is yours! Here at GreenDrop, we take all sorts of clothing and use them to raise money for extremely helpful charities. Check out our clothing donations in Springfield, NJ for more information on how you can help!