Why It’s So Hard To Get Rid of Clutter

You can’t even bear to look at it sometimes, right? That corner of your house where all the excess clutter lives or the closet where you shove everything without its own place. You’re hardly the only person to have these areas in your home, but why do we let them get so bad? As it turns out, there are many reasons why it’s so hard to get rid of clutter. We’ll show you some common explanations so that you’re more aware of your own reasoning.

Clutter Becomes a Part of You

There is a blurry line between thinking, “That object is mine,” and, “That object is a part of me.” Sometimes, we forget that we are not just the amalgamation of everything we keep around the house. Physical items often carry the memory of accomplishments or feelings of self-worth. Throwing these away can sometimes feel like losing a part of yourself, rather than just losing another piece of clutter.

Feelings of Guilt Can Arise

A very common reason why it’s so hard to get rid of clutter is the guilt we feel upon throwing away some items, even if we don’t like them. This guilt can pop up for a lot of reasons. We might feel guilty that we’re throwing away something that we received as a gift, or we could feel guilty about the money we originally spent on the item. At the same time, that item only brings you guilt when you look at it. As such, it would actually be best to get rid of whatever it is so that you can stop feeling guilty every time you see it.

We Keep Things That We Love

Even if it’s outlived its usefulness, you may not want to give up something that still makes you feel good. The important thing to remember is that those feelings will still be there after the item is gone. “It’s the thought that counts” is the key phrase here. While we may feel that we need to hang onto gifts or accolades, you don’t actually need to have the item to remember the good feelings that it once brought you.

Decluttering Is Stressful

Sometimes, the answer is quite a bit simpler. Decluttering a house that is full of clutter of all kinds is a daunting task that no one really enjoys. You may do it because you must, but the process can be grueling if you’ve left it to build for a while. Starting a little bit at a time and not trying to tackle everything at once can help.

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