Cherry Hill NJ Donation Centers

We are thankful for all of the generous neighbors we have around the Cherry Hill NJ area that have been part of the past donation drives throughout the years. You have really helped some of the best charities in New Jersey gain the critical funds they need to keep their programs running and continue to aid our neighbors near and far.

GreenDrop has been able to help out some of the most important charities in the area with our expertise in generating funds through the collection of gently used clothing and items from donors like you. GreenDrop is able to take the items you donate and sell them to local thrift shops and charities in order to generate funds for the Military Order of the Purple Heart or the National Federation of the Blind. Stop by our Cherry Hill NJ donation center or schedule a NJ donation pickup at your home by one of our friendly drivers.

When you are ready with a charitable donation of your own, call GreenDrop to schedule a pick up at your home or find the nearest donation drop off center that is fully staffed with friendly attendants waiting to help you. We accept slightly used clothing, shoes, household items, kitchenware, games, toys, small appliances, electronics, sporting goods, books, cds, videos, baby items or other items that may be useful to others.

Call GreenDrop at 1-888-944-DROP to get more information about how your item donations will benefit the charity of your choice and schedule an at home pick up of your generous donation. We appreciate the help you have given your neighbors in need and look forward to collecting your future donations.