Purple Heart Clothing Donations


Do you have unwanted, gently used clothing items you’re looking to donate? GreenDrop proudly accepts clothing donations in order to help fund Purple Heart’s initiatives. GreenDrop specializes in raising funds through the collection and sale of donated gently used clothing and household goods. With your assistance, GreenDrop is able to support Purple Heart on their mission to help combat-wounded, American veterans and provide for their families.

GreenDrop accepts all gently used clothing items of all types. When you give to Purple Heart through GreenDrop, you can trust that your donation will go a long way to making a difference in someone’s life.

If you’re interested in donating gently used clothing to Purple Heart, give GreenDrop a call at 888-944-3767 to schedule an at-home pick up. If you’d prefer to drop-off your tax-deductible donated items instead, GreenDrop has several used clothing donation drop-off centers for your convenience. While there, a friendly and helpful attendant will gladly assist you and give you a tax receipt in return.

On behalf of Purple Heart, GreenDrop greatly appreciates your clothing donations. Not only are you making a charitable donation, you’re giving back to the nation’s veterans and their families.