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About us.

Here's how we work, with a purpose-driven business model.

GreenDrop® offers people a better, greener way to donate clothing and household items they no longer need or want, while supporting a nonprofit organization's vital programs and services in their community.

Simply put, GreenDrop® accepts neighborhood donations of clothing and household goods on behalf of its charitable nonprofit partners and pays these partners for the items, helping them fund their missions.

Through this fundraising model, GreenDrop® has generated approximately $4 million annually for its nonprofit partners, and our typical GreenDrop® location finds a reuse or repurpose for 20,000+ pounds of gently used household goods each week.

These community donations are given a second chance to be loved again in local thrift stores or other wholesale markets. And together, we help protect the planet and keep millions of reusable items out of landfills every year.

GreenDrop is a for-profit company and registered professional fundraiser where required. Disclosures

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Our differentiated donation drop-off solution is easy, convenient, and eco-friendly.

  • Our mobile donation centers are always attended during regular business hours, clean, and well-maintained
  • GreenDrop® sites are movable and can be placed in high or low-traffic areas convenient to our nonprofit partner's donors
  • A GreenDrop® unit sees approximately 100 nonprofit donors per day, adding foot traffic to your retail location/shopping center

We are currently in these locations:

Delaware, Washington, DC, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Current GreenDrop® unit co-tenancy:

and many other well-recognized neighboring businesses.

National real estate partners:

and other landlords.

Expansion markets:

U.S.: Southern California, Connecticut, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Buffalo, Rochester, Long Island, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Washington DC, and Hawaii.

Canada: Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary

For visibility and accessibility, we would like to be by neighborhood retailers such as:

Harris Teeter, Kroger, Giant, Stop N Shop, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Costco, and BJs.

We would like to be in regional shopping centers such as:

Willowbrook Mall, King of Prussia Mall, and Roosevelt Field Mall.

Other requirements: One million square foot malls that draw from a regional 20-plus mile radius.

We would like to attract:

  • 20,000+ households
  • 150,000+ people within a 15-minute drive to neighborhood retailers and regional shopping centers
  • $125,000 - $300,000 household incomes

For more information email:


David Sibert, Vice President of Real Estate

Steven Annis, Real Estate Manager (Western US)

Jim Ivie, Real Estate Analyst (Eastern US)

Ron Dee, (Canada)