The American Red Cross Donations

In addition to the proceeds collected through fundraising efforts and blood drives, the American Red Cross accepts a wide range of clothing and household items with the help of GreenDrop, a professional solicitor that quickly turns your donated items into usable funds for the American Red Cross. These funds are then used to support families in need throughout the country. 

When you donate your gently used items to the American Red Cross through GreenDrop, the process is fast and easy. The friendly attendants at the donation drop-off centers will remove the items from your vehicle for you and will hand you a tax receipt for your tax-deductible donation. You can also schedule an at-home donation pick up through GreenDrop. A driver will arrive at your house on the scheduled day, load your charitable donations onto the truck, and leave a tax receipt for you. American Red Cross clothing donations are then converted to the critical dollars needed to keep the programs running smoothly and efficiently. 

The tax-deductible donations you make to the American Red Cross through GreenDrop will help provide funding for the American Red Cross’ health, safety training, and education services. 

Contact GreenDrop today at 1-888-944-3767 to find a donation drop off center near you. GreenDrop will be happy to help you find a convenient donation drop-off location or schedule an American Red Cross donation pick up. The American Red Cross is thankful for all of the donations it has received from people like you.