The American Red Cross Donation Rules

When donating items that will benefit the American Red Cross through GreenDrop, it is important to adhere to the rules and regulations in order to maintain an efficient donation process. Due to legal, regulatory, weight, and size restrictions, GreenDrop is unable to accept certain items.

GreenDrop’s donation rules allow them to take a variety of gently used items that in turn become funds that help support the American Red Cross. Among the many items GreenDrop accepts are gently worn clothing, shoes, and household goods such as  unopened cosmetics and toiletries, antiques, jewelry, luggage, musical instruments, decorations, paintings, yard tools, bedding, blankets, and more. The next time you are cleaning out your home and find items you no longer need, consider donating them to the American Red Cross through GreenDrop to help those in need.

Because of legal and environmental restrictions, GreenDrop is unable to accept large appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, and air conditioning units. GreenDrop is also unable to accept computer monitors or any tube TVs, which are not easily resold in local thrift stores. Large furniture such as bedroom sets, dining room sets,  upholstered furniture, sofas, ping pong tables, or other large items weighing more than 50 pounds will not be accepted due to weight and size constraints. Household items such as BBQ grills, carpets, cans, liquids, food items, wheelchairs, or lawn mowers that might be too large or dangerous will also not be accepted at the discretion of GreenDrop’s drivers or drop off location staff members.

When you donate your gently used items with GreenDrop to benefit the American Red Cross, please read GreenDrop’s donation rules regarding unacceptable items to ensure that your items can be used in raising funds for the American Red Cross.